Myths of Real Estate

1. Agent’s Commissions – paying more guarantees the best result 

A definite myth of selling real estate, agents are required by law to act in the best interests of vendors, achieving the best result requires an agent to provide the best service regardless of price 

2. Auctions – “Are the best way to sell” 

Often agents will push vendors to send their property to auction, as this often requires less work for the agent and a shorter time on market, meaning he gets his money faster, auctions have a place but not all properties suit an auction. As responsible agents we use them as the best tool when best suited not as a tool of convenience 

3. Paying upfront for Marketing

A practise that is used by agents to make vendors feel obliged to the process, vendors often won’t change agents if it means wasting their money. We believe if the agency is confident in its ability to provide the best result then, the agency should pay for the marketing themselves 

4. The “Best Agent” – guarantees you the best result 

The agents that covert themselves in so called “industry awards”, do so by selling the most houses -that is true, but volume doesn’t necessarily mean a quality. Remember the best results take time and hard work, the first offer is not always the best offer.

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