The Art of Selling


The single most important aspect in obtaining the best result. Presentation directly effects buyer interest, time on market and ultimately price. But it must be done correctly, mere throwing money at property does not guarantee the best presentation. This is were an agents advice right from the start can be invaluable.


Correct pricing strategy is absolutely paramount to a successful sale, correct price placement must consider the following key points,

1. Historical sales within the area
2. Current listings within the area and the street
3. The Sellers current personal position, how long can they afford to stay on market waiting for the highest price.


Correct market positioning is paramount to sourcing the correct buyer

Great agents:

1. Identify the correct buying group
2. Facilitate the appropriate form of marketing to attract the right pool of buyers, and
3. Ensure the correct pricing strategy to draw the best offers that meet the timeline requirements of vendors.

A property that is well presented, in a popular location sells itself and any honest agent will agree, correct pricing strategy is what makes the difference between a good sale and a great sale!

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